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Our Services

At My Dentist Fair Lawn, you come first. We work in partnership with you to provide the best dental care for you and your family. Our goal is to become your family's trusted dental home.

Regular Dental Cleanings

Regular teeth and gum cleanings prevent cavities and keep your mouth healthy. Removing plaque buildup regularly with a skilled hygienist reduces your risk of gingivitis and periodontal disease.

Pediatric Dentistry

Your children need to be here, but we ensure they want to be here. We offer stickers and prizes, special toothbrushes, and TV while they’re in the chair. Our warm and patient staff monitor your child for dental and gum health all while keeping them comfortable and happy.

Filling Cavities

We treat cavities conservatively and partner with you to choose the right solution. We don’t rush to fill a cavity when it may not grow; instead, we use preventative treatments and regular exams to avoid unnecessary procedures.

Root Canals

When a cavity runs deep, a root canal may be necessary. During a root canal, we clean out the infection, fill in the canal to prevent future re-infection, and place a crown to stabilize the tooth.


Your smile can dramatically improve by reshaping certain teeth using a procedure called enameloplasty. This procedure, when feasible, does not require filling material and improves your smile.

Oral Surgery Including Frenectomy

Tooth removal and minor surgical procedures such as removal of growths, biopsies, or frenectomies. Frenectomy may be recommended by an orthodontist or pediatrician to improve tooth movement or movement of one's tongue or lips.

Implants & Bridges

A dental implant is often the best option to replace a missing tooth. It fills the gap and slows the bone loss that naturally occurs after losing a tooth. Implants are also used to support bridges for multiple missing teeth.

Teeth Whitening

We offer several teeth whitening methods, from moderate interventions to intense remediation. Our plans employ a number of methods, including professional strength whitening strips and custom-fitted whitening trays.

Emergency Dental Care

​Call us with your dental emergency day or night. We're here for you whether a tooth broke or a cavity is causing pain. Our emergency line pages us 24/7.

Custom Fitted Dentures

We offer several denture options that replace teeth lost due to bone loss. Dentures are fitted over or around your stronger teeth. After an adjustment period, our high-quality dentures feel normal and look natural.

Veneers & Crowns

​Veneers cover parts of your teeth to make them look smoother and whiter.  They require much less tooth material to be removed than full crowns, but a crown may be a better option if the tooth is weak. Full crowns give the same aesthetic advantages as veneers and stabilize and protect teeth.

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